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Relationship to BSC Mary Anne's counselor
Appears in SS2
Occupation Counselor
Employer Camp Mohawk
Traits Understanding

Connie is Mary Anne's counselor in cabin 7-A at Camp Mohawk. After the hairbrush tiff between Tara and Margo Pike, Connie sends Mary Anne, Randi, Faye, and Julie out onto the porch to get to know each other.

Connie is oblivious of the CITs' plan to send Mary Anne around Lake Dekanawida as she's with the other counselors at Mrs. Means' cabin for a meeting that night. However, it is Connie and Mrs. Means, along with two male counselors, who discover Mary Anne along the path. Connie tells Mary Anne she's so relieved to have found her, and that Tara was the one who ratted her out. On the way back to their cabin, Connie confesses to having tried to sneak around the lake herself when she had been a CIT.

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