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Relationship to BSC Mallory and Jessi's fellow camper
Age 11
Appears in SS2
Traits Racist

Maureen is one of Mallory and Jessi's fellow campers in Cabin 11-B at Camp Mohawk. She bunks with Mandi.

After Mary Travis suggests Mallory and Jessi are in trouble after Mrs. Means' visit, Maureen chimes in with, "Yeah, for wearing something that isn't part of the camp uniform"SS2 ; Mallory had made herself and Jessi armbands that read "Junior CIT" on them. Jessi has to explain to Mallory that they're being teased.

Maureen is the camper who calls Jessi and Mallory "Oreos," a derogatory term, as they head to the bathrooms together on the first morning. She is promptly chided by Autumn, who says she never wants to hear that word again.

When the other campers apologize to Jessi and Mallory after the Parents' Day performance, which was inspired by how poorly their fellow campers had treated them, Maureen doesn't say a word; Jessi says, "I guess some people never learn."SS2

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